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Services - Carry In Only!

At Ohio Auto Parts, we provide a wide variety of services! We provide services such as:

- Brake Drum & Rotor Machining for passenger cars, light trucks, trailers, etc.

- Strut Suspension: We can swap your struts, springs, and mounts the safe way!

- Wheel Bearings, Axle Bearings, Differential Bearings, and Driveshaft Carrier Bearings: We can change them!

- Light Welding (Steel Only): Don't have a welder and need something repaired? We may be able to help!

- Battery testing and charging

- Broken Bolt Removal: Got a bolt snapped off? It's pretty rare that we can't get them out. Sometimes even after someone else has tried! (and snapped an EZ out or drill bit off in the bolt). We've removed them from engine blocks, cylinder heads, brake calipers/brackets, alternators, motorcycle/ATV parts, mower decks, etc!

- Brake and Fuel Line Duplication or Repair: We can generally repair or reproduce your leaking fuel or brake lines to get you back on the road!

- Universal Joints: We can change them!

-Tire Mount & Balance / Valve Stem etc.  I have commercial accounts that are in the tire business, and will not cut their throats - BUT - if you find yourself in a "have to" situation late on a Saturday or early on a Sunday when no local tire shop is open, and I'm at the shop - AND - you don't mind paying the going rate - I will be glad to help you if I can.

 Labor Charge is dependent upon the job, and is discounted to MY customers. Those having shop work done with parts supplied by Ohio Auto Parts will receive a discount on the labor to perform the work!