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321 West Mansfield St.

321 West Mansfield St.

    Our family purchased 321 West Mansfield St. In Bucyrus, Ohio in late June of 2016.  Most locals know this as, most recently, Tech Ted's Auto Repair, and prior to that as Krauslock Oldsmobile-Cadillac.   As a youngster I remember it being one of several new car dealerships in Bucyrus at that time (early 70's), as the Oldsmobile-Cadillac dealership.  Truka Chevrolet-Buick was in the same location that it is in today, south on Rt 4.   AMC was in business on the west side of town as Baehr & Seitter (currently, and for many years, Cycle Tech).  Wingate Ford was on the south side of Bucyrus on Rt.98.  Studer-Perrin Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge was a few blocks north of the square on the west side of of North Sandusky Avenue.  Schott Brothers GMC was (and is STILL!) on Nevada road on the west side of town.  So many choices back then!

Boring you with HISTORY!  Upon doing some cleaning up around the property shortly after its' purchase, I found a coffee stir stck upstairs in the "parts room" that was imprinted with "Lott Motor Company".  Upon doing some internet sleuthing an obituary was found for W.E Lott from Galion, Ohio - stating that "From 1946 to 1959 he owned and operated Lott Motor Company, a Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge dealer in Bucyrus and Galion".  I have been told that the Ford dealership that sat on the west side of nearby Galion (I remember it as Marv Downs Ford) was a mirror image of 321 West Mansfield St. This building was built in 1946.  Pretty amazing that someone would build two new automotive dealerships post WW2.

In 1959 this building became Mulgrew Motor Sales, and later Crocketts, Krauslock's, Midtown Motors, Stephens, Joe Williams (twice), and most recently Tech Ted's. AMC/Jeep and Renault were even sold there for a few years (I'mthinking during Stephens)

Over the past 71 years the property has gone through many changes, from having houses on either side demolished to expand the sales lots, to the construction of the body shop on the east side of the main building in 1970. There were aparently many changes made to the showroom area over the years.  My wife contacted the Historical Society in both Galion and Bucyrus in an effort to find any old photos of either dealership and was told that they have nothing.  I've found two photos from mid 60's and mid 70's of the front/west side of the building from the outside, but nothing from the inside. If you have,or know someone who may have any old photos of the building that I could copy, please let me know!